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The Barbers



Abdel El Bouzidi is known for his traditional barbering in our vibrant city. Completing his rigorous training in Morocco, Abdel honed his craft within the esteemed salons of Casablanca, before extending his expertise which led him to Amsterdam, where he now brings a world-class grooming experience to our doorstep.

Abdel’s specialization lies in delivering razor-sharp, impeccably stylish haircuts, alongside masterful beard trims and the smoothest of shaves. His approach combines the rich heritage of Moroccan barbering techniques with the precision demanded by high-end salons globally. This unique blend ensures that each client leaves looking their absolute best, with a haircut or shave tailored to their individual style and preference.

Embodying the essence of true craftsmanship, Abdel’s work is a testament to the artistry and dedication that defines the very best in traditional and contemporary men’s grooming. Always open for a conversation and welcomes you with a smile!



Oz’s unique techniques distinguish him in the world of barbering. For Oz, each haircut is more than just a service—it’s an expression of the client’s personality.

Since 2017, he has been dedicated to honing his craft, starting his journey as a wig designer at The Dutch National Opera and Ballet. Under the mentorship of Bianca Van Zwieten, the Netherlands Hair Stylist of the Year in 2019 and 2020, Oz further developed his skills.

His experience includes participating in Amsterdam Fashion Weeks, where he mastered the art of creative cuts.



Gian, our barber from Amsterdam finished his education at the Nederlandse Kappersakademie and specialized his barber skills at the Amsterdam Barberschool. With Gian you are in great hands for your most fresh haircuts and sharp beardtrim. 



Meet Stavros, a dedicated and skilled barber with a passion for creating unique hairstyles. He has over 12 years of experience, working in Athens, London and Amsterdam. What he loves the most in his job is the creativity it involves and the connection with every customer.



Meet Esmaeil, one of the best barbers from Kiev and proud owner of his amazing Barbershop “M15”. For all the known wrong reasons

Esmaeil is now in Amsterdam, but we are very happy he is in our shop. With his skills and great personality you are in good hands with him.



We are proud to introduce Camilo, one of the talented barbers at POREM Barbershop Amsterdam. Hailing from the sunny city of Malaga, Camilo brings a wealth of experience and a unique flair to our team. With years of professional experience in both Spain and Greece, he is fluent in Spanish and Greek, making him a versatile and approachable stylist for a diverse clientele.

Camilo’s passion for his craft is matched only by his love for motorbikes and music. His dedication and enthusiasm shine through in every haircut and grooming session, ensuring that every client leaves feeling their best. Known for his kindness and professionalism, Camilo has quickly become a favorite among our customers.



Meet Jimmy Butler, better known as WOLF, a highly skilled barber with a passion for motorcycles, tattoos, and celebrating life to the fullest every day. WOLF is dedicated to crafting the perfect haircut and grooming your beard to perfection. Whether you’re looking for precise skin fades, expert scissor cuts, or a clean shave, WOLF can do it all with exceptional skill and artistry. Step into WOLF’s chair and experience top-tier grooming from a barber who truly lives and breathes his craft.




We are excited to introduce Gennaro, the latest addition to our talented team at POREM Barbershop. Originally hailing from the vibrant city of Naples, Italy, Gennaro has been a resident of Holland for the past five years. His journey in the barbering world began at the age of 18, driven by his passion for maintaining a great appearance.

Over the years, Gennaro has refined his skills and become an expert in the field. At 29, he takes great pride in delivering high-quality service to his clients, ensuring they leave our barbershop feeling confident and satisfied. Known for his cleanliness and attention to detail, Gennaro is dedicated to providing a professional and enjoyable experience for everyone who sits in his chair.


Quality is pride of workmanship

Professional service guaranteed. The barber can help you to decide which style fits you the best. A visit to Porem Barbershop is always an exclusive and great experience.


Tailored to your wishes


Haircut (40 min)
€ 40.-

"Just the Sides" Fade (30 min)
€ 30.-

Headshave (40 min)
€ 40.-


Clean Shave (40 min)
€ 35.-

Beard Trim (40 min)
€ 30.-

Facial Treatment

Several treatment possibilities & prices upon request


Several treatment possibilities & prices upon request

Combo Treatment

Haircut + Beard Trim (70 min)
€ 60.-

Haircut + Clean Shave (70 min)
€ 65.-

Side Fade + Beard Trim (60 min)
€ 55.-

Side Fade + Clean Shave (60 min)
€ 60.-

Combo Treatment

 Clipper + Beard Trim (50 min)
€ 46.-

Clipper + Clean Shave (50 min)
€ 50.-

Headshave + Beard Trim (70 min)
€ 60.-

Headshave + Clean Shave (70 min)
€ 65.-


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