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Sit back, relax, have a drink, a good conversation and let the barber take care of the rest.



The Barbers


Abdel El Bouzidi Barber Beard Trim

Abdel El Bouzidi is one of the most highly skilled authentic barbers in town. After finishing his education in Marocco he worked in the most high-end salons in Casablanca, Dubai and Saudi Arabia before moving to Amsterdam. He’s specialized in razor-sharp and stylish haircuts, beard trims and clean shaves.


His unconventional techniques set Oz apart from the rest. He believes that it’s not just about the hair, it’s about the personality that sits on the chair. Bringing out the inner-beauty. Oz has been working and perfecting his craft since 2017. He started out as a wig designer in The Dutch National Opera and Ballet and later on trained by Bianca Van Zwieten (Netherlands hair stylist of the year 2019 and 2020) participating in Amsterdam fashion weeks, learning the technics of creative cuts and master it.


Gian, our barber from Amsterdam finished his education at the Nederlandse Kappersakademie and specialized his barber skills at the Amsterdam Barberschool. With Gian you are in great hands for your most fresh haircuts and sharp beardtrim. 


Meet Stavros, a dedicated and skilled barber with a passion for creating unique hairstyles. He has over 12 years of experience, working in Athens, London and Amsterdam. What he loves the most in his job is the creativity it involves and the connection with every customer.


Meet Esmaeil, one of the best barbers from Kiev and proud owner of his amazing Barbershop “M15”. For all the known wrong reasons Esmaeil is now in Amsterdam, but we are very happy he is in our shop. With his skills and great personality you are in good hands with him.


Camilo, our barber from Malaga, has worked for years in Spain and Greece, which languages he speaks fluently. Camilo has a big passion for his work, motorbikes and music. He is the kindest person and a real professional. 




Quality is pride of workmanship

Professional service guaranteed. The barber can help you to decide which style fits you the best. A visit to Porem Barbershop is always an exclusive and great experience.


Tailored to your wishes


Haircut (40 min)
€ 40.-

"Just the Sides" Fade (30 min)
€ 30.-

Headshave (40 min)
€ 40.-


Clean Shave (40 min)
€ 35.-

Beard Trim (40 min)
€ 30.-

Facial Treatment

Several treatment possibilities & prices upon request


Several treatment possibilities & prices upon request

Combo Treatment

Haircut + Beard Trim (70 min)
€ 60.-

Haircut + Clean Shave (70 min)
€ 65.-

Side Fade + Beard Trim (60 min)
€ 55.-

Side Fade + Clean Shave (60 min)
€ 60.-

Combo Treatment

 Clipper + Beard Trim (50 min)
€ 46.-

Clipper + Clean Shave (50 min)
€ 50.-

Headshave + Beard Trim (70 min)
€ 60.-

Headshave + Clean Shave (70 min)
€ 65.-


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Nieuwe Willemsstraat 14 in Amsterdam (at the corner with the Marnixstraat).
+31 (0)20 786 43 26

Hours of Operation

10:00am – 19:00pm


Nieuwe Willemsstraat 14
1015 JH, Amsterdam

+31 20 786 43 26
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